We are the digital holding for your business

Whatever your needs, your business and your goals are; embark on your digital transformation path with us.

The perfect integration of Marketing and Technology

We combine digital communication, Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Blockchain services for a more complete and innovative experience than ever!

By your side in every sector

We tackle every business problem together by creating and developing specific application solutions. Share your use case with us!

Our work is rooted in digitalization.

We are a digital holding that helps develop our clients’ business with consulting and software services.

We deliver data-driven software and automation solutions that transform our clients in digital smart industries with a more and more performing business model.

We believe in business knowledge based on smart data available in real time enabled by a massive data acquisition, process automation, and artificial intelligence implementation.

We continuously focus on talented persons, innovation, new information technologies, research and development.

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How we work

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Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

We fully protect your confidential information by first signing a Confidentiality Agreement. Our operating model allows you to have a Project Manager who works full time on your project.

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We come together and listen to your needs and goals to better understand your project.

  • Project description - mutual understanding of the purpose and objectives to be achieved.
  • Requirements - we listen to your expectations by working together, agreeing on the final specifications.
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UX / UI Design

Discovery and UX / UI design are closely interconnected with each other where our design team will transform your ideas into reality.

  • Design - we accompany you in every design phase by creating drafts, graphic designs and other creative works to enhance your brand.
  • Mock-up - is a preview that simulates the final result of the project.
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Following approval of the mock-up, your project is created and completed.

Delivery will be made after careful testing and training on its correct use.

Latest technology trends

We bring simple solutions to every company's problems through a deep understanding of the industry and business.

Social platforms ever closer to companies

Social Media Management

We connect your corporate communication on social platforms. Increase competitiveness by communicating on networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

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The authenticity of the data at the center of business decisions

Integrity management and certification of company data

Tracking the supply chain, monitoring and certification of use of industrial goods (eg. Hours of use, alarms, anomalies) for greater safety and competitiveness.

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Why choose us?

Choose us because we will help you find new customers and increase your business.

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We help your digital growth

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We integrate marketing and technology

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We develop multi-sector solutions

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The method is at the heart of our work

By your side in every sector

We tackle every business problem together by creating and developing specific application solutions. Share your use case with us!

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Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, energy, oil & gas, marine, automotive, aerospace, etc.

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Connectivity and cybersecurity

Satellites, telecommunications, software, servers, clouds, cybersecurity, etc.

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Sites (industrial, commercial, real estates, public, military, etc.), company fleets, goods transport, surveillance, etc.

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Maintenance, traceability and inspection

Industrial, infrastructure (industrial, commercial, real estates, municipal, military), logistics, construction, building, real estate management. Food and industrial supply chains.

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Insurance and financial

Consulting, intellectual property, legal affairs, claims, etc.

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Luxury goods

Fashion, jewelry, art, cosmetics, fine wines, personal care, medical, etc.

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