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Alongside in every sector, we accompany our customers towards industry 4.0 and the strategic renewal of their business, in order to make the most of the potential offered by digital transformation.

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Tecnologie Informatiche

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We develop multi-sector platforms for data management and integrity through the use of Internet-of-Thing (IoT) and Blockchain technologies.


Data notarization

  • Digitally registering any document in a distributed ledger (Blockchain), creating a single file unchangeable over time.
  • Data authenticity certification by digital signature.
  • Tracking of industrial assets in the simplest and most efficient way. Management of related documentation.
  • Management, creation of reports and historical records of the maintenance carried out.
Gestione Dati

Data integrity management

  • Tracking of industrial assets and management of related documentation
  • Information, monitoring and certifications of use of industrial goods (e.g. hours of operation, anomalies, alarms, etc.)
  • Real-time report creation directly from plants and machines, certifying uptime, machine downtime, alarms, anomalies, temperatures, etc.
Icona 4.0

Digital transformation 4.0

  • Analysis and mapping of the information system and data integrity (AS-IS)
  • Development and configuration of data acquisition based on the Trusted IoT system.
  • Creation of web-app platforms for Blockchain data certification.
  • Testing of the solutions developed and training on their correct use

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