What we offer

Marketing and Communication

We support you to simplify your operations through timely assistance and professional advisory in all phases of your project, offering you customized corporate communication and strategic marketing services.

Marketing e Comunicazione

Our services

We provide services and advisory in marketing and corporate communication through a portfolio of integrated solutions, accompanying companies throughout the process of redefining and developing the business models.


Digital and traditional communication

  • Social media management (LinkedInd, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok ...)
  • Website development, mobile app, UX / UI design
  • Corporate and business presentations
  • Advertising and promotion
Creazione di Contenuti

Content creation

  • Digital infographics, motion graphics, carousels, illustrations
  • Production and post-production of images
  • Video production and post-production, subtitles, voiceovers, final editing
  • Preparation of captions, storytelling, copywriting
Marketing Strategico

Strategic marketing

  • Brand strategy (analysis and study of the brand and business model)
  • Digital marketing strategy (social media strategy, SEO / SEM, customer segmentation)
  • Strategic selling (channel strategy and sales process)
  • Brand Ambassador Program

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